Social Intelligence Programme

As per the decisions taken in the open house sessions of the children the under mentioned points are to be strictly followed: -

1. 1 mark deduction on Hindi speaking:
If a child is found talking in Hindi or using any language which is out of decorum 1 mark will be deducted from the annual aggregate of that child. This deduction will continue every time a child is found doing so.

2. 2 marks deduction on being late to school:
If a child is being sent back home on account of being late to school 2 marks from the annual aggregate will be deducted. It is essential that children reach school on time.

3. Detention system:
All those children who are in habit of not completing their assignments on time will be asked to stay back at school to complete their work. Children will be staying back from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm to complete the relevant assignments. Consistency, regularity and sincerity in completion of work facilitates learning which is one of the prime objectives of a child coming to school. Hence, completion of work on time is mandatory. In such cases where a child is detained to complete his work, the parent of that child will have to come to school to take back that child home.

4. Damage to school property:
If any child or a group of children is found guilty of damaging any property which belongs to school, will have to bear double the cost of that property.

5. Personal Hygiene and uniform:
Children will be given sufficient opportunity to improve on the requirements of their personal hygiene and proper uniform. However, if a child is pointed out for the same issue for more than two times in a month he/she will be sent back home and 2 marks will be deducted from the annual aggregate.

All these points are to be strictly followed at the end of the children because these are basic requirements of a child who goes to school. We need support and co-operation from all the stake holders to implement our Social Intelligence Programme.